Mengniu milk carcinogenic response to food safety regulator

AQSIQ has announced a liquid dairy product quality supervision and inspection results, Mengniu Dairy (Meishan) Co., Ltd. and Runescape Gold Fujian Changfu Dairy Company Limited, a batch of aflatoxin M1 exceeded, triggering widespread public attention. 26 Xinhua News Agency reporter on this interview the relevant person in charge of AQSIQ.

Measures: order manufacturers to recall and destroy problem products

Mengniu Dairy was detected problems (Meishan) Co., Ltd. and Fujian Changfu Dairy's products are located in Fuzhou, the national quality inspection center that processed foods, then, mean that the company's products are Mengniu Meishan sampling in the Fujian market to be?

In answering this question, the AQSIQ official says that the organization of the four national food quality inspection centers in 21 provinces of the dairy companies were random, spot checks are carried out sub Area. Two
dairy companies found to the problem, processed foods in national quality inspection center (Fuzhou) is responsible for the sub-protected area. Business is to carry out random spot checks, the center of the finished products in the company Mengniu Meishan sample of liquid milk samples for testing.

In this sample, the four State Food Quality Inspection Center is located in a sample of Mengniu 11 provinces (regions) of 25 batches of manufacturer products, of which 24 batches of qualified, Mengniu Meishan's a batch of product Aflatoxin M1 was detected excessive, was judged unsatisfactory.

For spot checks found the problem, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, quickly instructed substandard products manufacturer is located in Sichuan and Fujian provinces quality supervision department, order and supervise the companies to recall substandard products, the products in question do destroyed, to identify the reasons for rectification, and handled according to law.

Reasons: cows eating moldy feed

Sampling result was announced, consumers are generally concerned about what causes excessive aflatoxin M1 in milk situation.

According to the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Act, the two companies conducted a self-examination of the cause of the problem, Sichuan and Fujian provinces quality supervision departments organized experts to conduct analysis of judgments, the two companies failed due to sampling of liquid milk consumption of dairy moldy feed, leading to excessive aflatoxin M1 in milk. Cows to stop eating moldy feed, aflatoxin M1 in milk will disappear.

Progress: not yet found a new "cancer-causing milk."

AQSIQ responsible person, when problems are identified, AQSIQ has asked local quality supervision departments closely adhere to strengthen supervision and inspection of dairy products, aflatoxin M1, aflatoxin M1 if found excessive dairy products, must be ordered companies immediately recalled and destroyed, according to rigorous treatment.

Meanwhile, AQSIQ also requires that all dairy producers to enhance monitoring of raw milk, raw milk must be checked for aflatoxin M1 project, strict production and processing various aspects of quality management to Sell RS GP implement a corporate principal responsibility to ensure quality and safety of dairy products. Up to now, has not yet received excessive aflatoxin M1 in liquid milk in the new report.

Strengthen supervision and inspection of dairy producers at the same time, quality inspection departments of other foods also increase the intensity of supervision and spot checks, the check that you do not meet food safety standards, there is a failure endangering human health and safety of products, companies are ordered to call back to the products in question, identify the reasons for rectification, and according to the law of the manufacturer for processing.
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